Findex Global Head of Business Development ready to challenge the status quo

Recently appointed Global Head of Business Development, Peter Gardiner has expressed his eagerness to be working as a key member of the Findex Management team. Sharing the same inherent values as Findex towards a holistic model, Mr Gardiner talks through his vision for the business in an insightful yet personal Q&A with Industry Moves.

“Peter has deep experience in both ‘Big 4s’. He held senior a position at the ANZ Bank for the past five years and prior to that was with Ernst and Young in a senior client-facing position.”

said Findex CEO, Spiro Paule.

“He was also a founding director of a UK financial planning business, and importantly implemented a non-aligned fee for service model which, two decades ago, was not common practice in his native Scotland, where the business was based.”

“Peter has a passion for business that is built on his belief that success is driven by championing the client. This approach is in total alignment with the Findex philosophy.”