Have you spoken to your adviser about 2019 year-end tax planning?

Speak to us about your 2019 tax planning

We are looking forward to discussing various 2019 year-end tax planning issues with you so we can help you identify potential opportunities that may be available for you (or your business), while at the same time help you to manage your exposure to risks.

Through having these discussions, we hope to gain an even more in-depth understanding of issues affecting you or your business.

After all, your story is our business.

We want to understand the circumstances affecting you and your business, so we can flag and discuss any relevant tax issues.

As you are aware, tax is complicated and there is a myriad of issues that can affect your tax position.

Our purpose is to inform you of tax issues most relevant to your circumstances, as well as determine how such issues can affect you or your business.

For example, in a typical client conversation, we would have an interactive discussion on issues such as:

  1. How the recent election may affect your 30 June 2019 tax year end planning (e.g. Labor’s proposals will no longer go ahead and what will happen to bills that lapsed when the election was called);
  2. Some common family group considerations when dealing with a trust, company or individual taxpayer;
  3. Whether any new tax developments (e.g. new loss recoupment tests, increase and expansion of the instant asset write-off, additional conditions to qualify for small business CGT concessions on the sale of shares/units in a trust or company, or the 10% GST withholding rule on the purchase of new residential premises) may affect your situation;
  4. How recent important tax developments (e.g. lowering of company tax rates and rate of franking, small business restructure rollover, 12.5% non-resident CGT withholding tax, or tax issues affecting residential investment properties) may affect your situation;
  5. General issues to consider when doing year-end tax planning (e.g. defer the derivation of income and accelerate deductions by applying the tax law); and
  6. Other issues to consider when tax planning (e.g. compliance and future changes to think about).

Through our discussions with you, we will tailor the discussion to focus on issues most relevant to your circumstances.

Next steps

We trust you found this tax snapshot useful to illustrate how, when we have year-end tax planning conversations with you, we can assist to add value to your business or your personal situation.

If anything in this tax snapshot triggered your interest or you are the type of taxpayer likely to be affected by these changes, please contact your Findex adviser.

We have considerable experience advising on year-end tax planning issues and look forward to discussing other ways we can help you or your business.