SaaS Product Evaluation Form

  • This Form is to be completed by all new suppliers of SaaS Products to Findex.
  • The information collected will form the basis of an Initial/Preliminary Screen, and will be assessed by Findex to determine the Product’s suitability for/across the group.
  • An internal evaluation team meets on a monthly basis to evaluate the submissions for that month. Successful submissions will progress to the Enhanced Due Diligence stage, where a Findex representative will be in contact to formally request more information.
  • We endeavour to formally respond to all submissions within 4-5 weeks of lodgement.

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Software Function

Categorisation — (Who are the users)

What best describes the software type:

Line of Business (LOB) refers to a SaaS product that supports the delivery of services to a specific Findex service line(s). Cross-cutting refers to a SaaS product that supports the delivery of corporate services to Findex’s broader business.

Please refer to (AU) or (NZ) for complete list of Business Lines


Hosting — (Where does the data live)

Competitive Advantage