Federal Budget 2020-21
Surplus to stability
From surplus to stability | Panel discussion

Leading economist, Stephen Koukoulas, joins experts from our business to discuss the key economic stimulus measures announced in the Federal Budget and their implications for business.

In this panel discussion, our experts will take a deep dive into:

  • Business investment and outlook.
  • Business stimulus and support mechanisms.
  • Emerging opportunities for business.
  • When we are likely to see a return to low unemployment figures.
  • The short, medium and long-term economic forecast.
Budget Analysis | Webinar

In this recorded webinar, Findex Chief Investment Officer, Kieran Canavan joins one of Australia’s foremost economists, Stephen Koukoulas to discuss the effects the 2020-21 Federal Budget will have on the Australian economy, including:

  • Treasury forecasts for recovery.
  • How long before we regain the jobs lost during COVID-19?
  • The budget deficit and returning to surplus.
  • Potential acceleration of income tax cuts.
  • Superannuation changes.
  • Live audience Q & A.
Voice of Findex | Budget Analysis

Stay up to date when you’re on the go and listen to our Budget Analysis with Findex Chief Investment Officer, Kieran Canavan and one of Australia’s foremost economists, Stephen Koukoulas.

In this episode, Kieran and Stephen discuss the impacts the 2020-21 Federal Budget is expected to have on the Australian economy, sharing informed insights on the Treasury forecasts for recovery, job recovery post-COVID-19 and the impacts of the budget deficit.

Summary Paper

The big Budget 2020 gamble

Last night, the Government delivered a \n2020-2021 Federal Budget\n focused on targeted tax incentives that aim to make ...

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Detailed Commentary
Experts from across Findex undertake a detailed analysis of the Federal Budget 2020 looking at the key announcements and implications for individuals, SMEs, regional business and large enterprise.
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