Kylee Valentine

Senior Partner


Kylee Valentine is a Senior Partner in the Accounting and Tax division at Findex, with over 20 years of experience working with small to medium-sized businesses, Kylee has built a reputation for delivering practical and effective solutions that help businesses grow and thrive.

Kylee has a broad range of experience in business management, cashflow strategy and KPI setting. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries. Her approach is always tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each individual business, and she prides herself on delivering practical, actionable advice that drives real results.

Kylee’s expertise in franchising has been particularly valuable to many of her clients. She has worked with established franchise brands to optimize their operations and improve their profitability. Kylee is known for her ability to develop strong relationships with business owners, helping them to navigate the complex legal and financial requirements of their business models.

Overall, Kylee Valentine is a talented and experienced business consultant who has made a significant impact on the small to medium-sized business community in Brisbane and beyond.

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Findex Brisbane
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