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Combine your school’s data inputs with external metrics to help you plan for your school’s future.

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Delivered through a tailored data insights service designed in partnership with you to meet your specific needs.

Our team of data scientists use your school’s financial and non-financial data to help optimise and improve strategic planning, financial stability, and operational performance.   

If you’re a school, childcare centre or other type of education provider, we can help you identify opportunities and risks by combining your own data with external data to provide real time insights into financial reporting, demographic shifting, enrolment predictions and benchmarking. 


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Real time dashboard

  • Present a comprehensive statistical analysis of your school’s key indicators such as enrolment and finance. 

  • AI-powered predictive analysis to provide insights into the sustainability of your enrolments, allowing you to analyse trends across key areas such as enrolment, finance, student, and staff demographics. 

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AI based competitive analysis

  • AI-powered competitive analysis feature enables side-by-side evaluation of schools. 

  • Predicts future enrolment trends by leveraging diverse data sources and offers customised filters for tailored analysis. 

  • Natural language processing techniques, provide actionable recommendations for maintaining a competitive advantage. 

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Population and demographic insights

  • Visual analysis tool offers a thorough examination of population trends and patterns. 

  • Compare two scenarios on a map to analyse key demographic information effectively. 

  • Integrate numerous external data points, including income and planning permits, to predict future challenges, risks, and opportunities so you can make informed decisions with comprehensive insights. 

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Monitor student performance

  • Track student performance with our in-depth analysis, including student census data and academic trends over time.  

  • Explore the relationship between student well-being and academic outcomes using AI-powered predictive modelling for accurate future performance predictions. 

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of student progress and make data-driven decisions. 

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Financial analysis

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your school's financial position and performance.  

  • Compare multiple financial years, access annual income statements, detailed monthly turnovers, debtor watchlists, and statements of financial performance. 

  • Analyse revenue versus expenses to uncover financial trends and track performance effectively.    

  • Get valuable insights to make informed financial decisions. 


The window to your school’s future. 

By integrating your data with external data such as population growth, demographics shifting, competitors and income growth, the Findex Education Portal can help you forecast and plan for:

Financial performance
Resourcing and budgeting
Sustainability reporting
Government funding
Student wellbeing
Pricing and curriculum analysis
Teacher performance
Utilisation rates
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To navigate the ever-increasing competition in the education sector, you need to find new strategies.

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