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Are you entitled to business funding you never knew existed?

Drew Smith
18 March 2021
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18 March 2021

Every year, hundreds of astute Australian businesses share billions of dollars’ worth of government and industry grants. Many more, however, miss out – simply because they don’t know what’s available or how to put their best foot forward when preparing a grant application.

Grant funding is set to play a critical role during the next 12 months as governments attempt to stimulate business and economic activity. In Australia alone, there are 4,721 grants worth $238.7B [1] that provide advice and funding ranging from $1,000 to $5,000,000+.

However, research shows 90 percent of businesses are unaware of the range of grants and assistance available to them, and 75 percent simply don’t know where to find them.[2]

Enter Findex specialist Grants services – a new offering which makes it easier for your business to quickly identify and apply for the most appropriate grants and funding options with the best chance of success.

Exploring thousands of state, council and corporate grants by location, industry, project and activity type, our experienced team can provide up-to-date, easy-to-understand reports that help you quickly identify suitable grants and assess your eligibility and chance of success.

But, of course, finding out what grants are available is one thing. The other side of the grants coin is preparing your business for success by writing winning submissions and developing your own ongoing grant strategy. We’ve developed this grants preparation checklist to give you a head start on this.

Research from the Australian Research Council on National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) trends shows that during 2020, the average success rate (number of submissions vs number awarded) was 18.5%,[3] which highlights the competitive landscape of grant funding.

While grant providers are as eager to deliver funds efficiently as your business is to receive them, there is a science to writing grant applications and only those that meet the strict requirements around grant eligibility, as well as address the key objectives of the grant, stand a chance of being successful.

Working with an expert such as Findex Grants services simplifies the process from application to fulfilment, and puts your grant application on the front foot with:

  • Professional advice and guidance to help improve your chances of success

  • Access to grant funding opportunities and information at your fingertips

  • If successful, access to critical funds to help sustain and grow your business

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Author: Drew Smith | Managing Partner