Building a career in the Findex Graduate Program

27 July 2022
3 min read

27 July 2022

Muhammad Umer Rashid started with the Findex graduate program in accounting seven months ago. Muhammad has been able to thrive alongside other graduates on the same path, growing professionally and personally through industry training, working directly with new and different clients and enjoying the freedom of the Findex flexible work environment.

Muhummad Rashid

After my usual morning routine of gym, prayer, breakfast and catching up on the news I head into the office by 8:30am and start the day by reading and answering emails. Then, I move onto Task X which shows the jobs assigned to me and I categorise them according to urgency.

At 10am I have a meeting with the KRM (Key Relationship Manager) regarding the client information and access to the client’s software if available. This is the time where I interact with the senior colleagues and ask them relevant questions. I always have a lot to ask when starting to work with new clients.

At 11am comes my favourite part of the week. Every Monday, I, along with other graduates and trainees from other offices meet our workflow manager and update him on completed work and ask for more if required. This is where I get a chance to meet other graduates on the team and it provides a great feeling of comfort. We are all on the same level, facing similar problems, and it gives me the confidence that we are still in a learning phase, and everyone has questions, which I can learn from.

Then comes lunch. I prefer to take a late lunch break as it shortens the afternoon so at 1pm I head to the beach, which is close to my office and spend some time there. This gives me a great opportunity think about nature.

At 2pm I am back at my desk for some Fringe Benefits Tax training from our internal platform, Confluence. Once this is complete, I touch base with my manager to answer a list of questions I made while working on client tasks and quickly return to complete the tasks, questions answered.

Towards the end of the day, I complete my timesheet and reflect on my productivity which allows me to think about my progress and where I can improve. At 5:15pm I say goodbye to my pod members and make my way home.

Once I’m home and have finally decided on and cooked dinner, I spend time doing things I enjoy like watching Netflix and calling my family back in Pakistan. A wonderful way to finish off my day.

Working at Findex is a great opportunity to grow yourself inside a business. The work life balance is not only helpful for productivity at the office but also helps to improve your personal life. The most important thing is that you get a lot of exciting opportunities to participate in activities which help in character building. Findex is a great company to grow professionally and personally.

To learn more about the Findex Graduate program, hear from other graduates in Findex and to apply visit our website here.