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Directors can apply for director identification numbers from November 2021

2 August 2022
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2 August 2022

Australia is preparing for a DIN regime where each director of a company will be provided with a unique Director Identification Number (DIN) which the director will keep forever, even if they change companies.

The unique DIN is designed to improve transparency as it will help prevent director identity fraud and identify directors involved in companies that have engaged in phoenix activities. That is, companies that have been deliberately liquidated to avoid paying their taxes, creditors and employee entitlements.

Directors can apply for DINs from November 2021 on the new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS). The directors must apply themselves because they need to verify their own identity.

Contact details for the Australian Business Registry Services:

You can contact the ABRS between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

  • If you’re in Australia, phone 13 62 50.

  • If you’re calling from overseas, phone +61 2 6216 3440.

If you currently live in Australia, phone the ABRS to apply for a director ID.

To apply by phone, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. You’ll need:

  • your tax file number (TFN) (optional)

  • your residential address as held by the ATO

  • answers to 2 questions based on details we know about you

  • a primary and secondary Australian identity document.

The dates that directors will need to apply for DINs vary depending on when they become a director.

Date of becoming a director

Date DIN application to be made

On or before 31 October 2021 
By 30 November 2022
On or after 5 April 2022 
Before appointment

To apply for a DIN, directors need to:

  1. Set up a myGovID.

  2. Gather relevant documents such as your tax file number, residential address as held by ATO.

  3. Provide two documents to verify your identity (e.g. bank account details, ATO notice of assessment, super account details, a dividend statement, a Centrelink payment summary, a PAYG payment summary).

We suggest setting up your myGovID and gathering the relevant documents now, ahead of any required dates to ensure you’re in a position to meet the relevant deadlines.

It is hoped the new unified digital single register system will make it easier for businesses to meet their registration obligations and improve the efficiency of registry service transactions.

Although Findex cannot apply for your DIN on your behalf, we can help you decide if you need to apply for a DIN. Please speak to your Findex adviser or get in touch with the Tax Advisory Team if you have any questions about the new DIN regime.