Endless career opportunities as a Graduate at Findex

15 February 2023
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16 February 2023

Tell us how your journey with Findex began.

I graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance in 2020. I originally worked in the banking industry for the first year out of university but found myself reflecting on my studies and how much I enjoyed tax. This inspired me to try something different, so I applied for a role within the Tax Advisory team at Findex, where I was lucky enough to be accepted for the role.

What was the application process like?

I saw the role advertised and began researching the company in depth. I was captivated by the range of work that Findex did and the impact they were having in local communities. After completing my research, I applied online by providing my resume and a summary of why I wanted to work for Findex. Shortly after, I received an email prompting me to complete an online one-way video interview, which after I successfully completed, I received an invitation to complete an interview with a partner and a manager within the Tax team, this was a positive experience and what really set Findex apart was that I felt that they genuinely cared, they asked questions about my life outside of work and about what prompted my career change. Following the interview, I received a call from the talent acquisition team at Findex offering me a position. After I accepted the offer, I received texts from numerous members of the team congratulating me on the role, which was a precursor of the culture I am now loving at Findex.

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Describe a typical day in the role you have now.

I am extremely fortunate to work across multiple clients and industries, so my days offer plenty of variety.

A typical day for me would consist of getting up and going to the gym before work, as I find completing some exercise before work allows me to have a clear mind throughout the working day.

Findex offers me great flexibility in the times that I work, and I can choose what time I start as long as I am available for any meetings and am meeting my productivity targets. I find my mind works best in the morning, so after arriving at work around 8am I will scan through my emails to see if anything has come through overnight, as a portion of my work involves working with overseas clients. then like to go through my current tasks and outline the priorities for the day, which will often involve consulting with my manager. I will spend the rest of the day working through my tasks, including mostly completing corporate tax returns, consulting on mergers and acquisitions and providing tax advice to our clients within the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) space. After a busy week at work, my colleagues and I will often enjoy a drink on Friday afternoon.

What is some advice you have for graduates thinking about applying for a Findex graduate role?

I would encourage anyone to apply for the graduate program at Findex. The learning opportunities provided from the first day of the job are fantastic, and the opportunities for your career are endless.

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