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Inflation, interest rates and the economy

Matthew Swieconek
4 August 2022
1 min read

4 August 2022

The Australian economy is shifting, and everyone is feeling the impact from inflation and the increasing interest rates and price across many services, goods and organisations. Here we explore what these impacts mean for you and what actions you can take to future-proof your business and personal investments.

Presented by:

  • Simona Mocuta – Chief Economist (State Street Global),

  • Grant Atchison – Executive Director Head of Real estate and Fund Management (Alceon)

  • Matthew Swieconek – Head of Investment and Relations (Findex)

  • Leo Cohilj – Senior Partner Accounting and Business Advisory (Findex)

  • Kieran Canavan – Chief Investment Officer (Findex)

Author: Matthew Swieconek | Head of Investment Relations