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Protect your Christmas budget from these financial surprises

Jonathan Scholes
18 December 2023
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Christmas, with its festive spirit, gift-giving, and celebrations, is a time to create lasting memories with loved ones. However, amid the tinsel and holiday cheer, lurks the potential for financial surprises that can turn the season of joy into a source of stress.

From hidden costs to unplanned expenses, here's how to protect your Christmas budget from overspending – and the dreaded financial hangover it could cause.

1. Stick to a realistic budget

Tammy Barton, director of MyBudget, emphasises the importance of being "as detailed and realistic as possible" when building your budget. It's easy to get swept away in the excitement of Christmas shopping, but understanding where your money is going and identifying areas for potential savings is crucial.

"Be sure not to prioritise Christmas presents over household bills," advises Barton. By having all your bills and expenses laid out in a budget, you can gain a clear understanding of what is affordable for you this holiday season. Even though Christmas is an annual event, it can still deliver financial surprises that you may not have planned for.

2. Hidden costs

One of the primary culprits that can throw a curveball into your Christmas budget is the presence of hidden costs. These sneaky expenses can manifest in various forms, catching you off guard and leaving your budget in tatters. Tammy Barton identifies some potential surprises, including hidden service, transaction, or shipping fees on holiday purchases, extra costs for shipping goods bought online to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas, impulse purchases, and overspending on gifts or decorations.

Overspending on credit cards can be tempting at this time of year, especially during a time when interest rates are high. However, the aftermath may lead to difficulties repaying the credit card balance in January, resulting in exorbitant interest payments.

3. Make family finance a collective effort

When it comes to Christmas spending, it's not just an individual affair; family finances play a significant role. Try dedicating a day to review and optimise your family's finances. Contact your bank, utility providers, and any other monthly expenditure sources to explore better deals. This proactive approach can yield savings that can be redirected towards enjoyable holiday activities.

Additionally, you could look at leveraging your credit card and frequent flyer points to protect your Christmas budget. Doing this may alleviate financial pressure and if you’ve been using a credit card with points attached throughout the year, you might have accumulated rewards that can be redeemed during the festive season.

4. Smart shopping and early planning

According to The Australian, Karen Eley, a money coach, acknowledges the “financial frenzy” that December brings. To counter unexpected spending on groceries, gifts, and holidays, Eley recommends shopping smart, looking for sales and discounts, and planning your spending early. By limiting eating out and opting for cost-effective social activities, you can avoid paying a convenience tax for last minute or time poor decisions.

Eley emphasises the need to check emotions and have honest conversations with family members and friends if finances are tight. Recognising that you're not alone in facing financial pressures during the holiday season can foster a supportive environment where everyone works together to ease the burden.

5. Beware of pressure points

As you embark on your journey to protect your Christmas budget, it's essential to be aware of potential pressure points that may threaten your financial stability. Temptations to spend more on impulse purchases, hidden transaction and shipping costs, children's Christmas lists proving more expensive than anticipated, unplanned travel expenses, poorly timed bills, and food cost blowouts are all potential pitfalls to watch out for.

By acknowledging these pressure points and taking proactive measures to address them in your budget, you can navigate the holiday season with greater ease and financial peace of mind.

Key takeaway

Protecting your Christmas budget requires a combination of foresight, planning, and proactive financial management. Crafting a detailed and realistic budget, being vigilant about hidden costs, involving the entire family in financial planning, smart shopping, and early decision-making can collectively contribute to a more financially stable and enjoyable holiday season.

As you embark on your holiday preparations, keep in mind that a merry Christmas is not about how much you spend but about the quality time and joy you share with loved ones. By safeguarding your budget, you can ensure that the memories you create this Christmas are ones of warmth, laughter, and financial stability.

Should you need any financial advice during the festive season, please reach out to the Findex wealth management team.


Reproduced from The Australian, Money surprises that can blow up your Christmas budget, December 2023


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Author: Jonathan Scholes | Head of Client - Wealth