Your Cyber Security Toolkit, Sorted

6 October 2022
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7 October 2022

With over 10 million Australians thought to be impacted by recent cyber events, the times of being able to say “it won’t happen to me” are long gone. Yet, in this world of ever evolving cybercriminal sophistication, it can be difficult to identify what those hidden vulnerabilities are and how to rectify them.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself about your business:

  • How much do you need to invest to protect your business, however small or large you are, to meet regulatory and compliance obligations?

  • What are your most important assets that you need to protect?

  • How would you and your staff know if your business has been breached?

  • Would your staff know what to do in the event of a cyber security incident?

  • Are you adequately protected should a cyber security incident happen?

Check your blind spot

Even if your business follows the usual best practices for cyber security or has strong answers to the questions above; chances are there will be remaining areas of vulnerability, or at least the capacity to better protect your data from hackers.

Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • A hack is likely: At some stage, your business may well experience an attack and there’s no company too big or too small for hackers to target.

  • It could cost more than money: A cyber-attack can not only be incredibly costly, but it can also threaten your intellectual property rights, break customer trust, and halt business operations.

It’s a journey, not a destination

When it comes to cyber safety, it is not about implementing a few new pieces of software and forgetting about it. It’s a continuous journey of auditing and refinement – but you don’t need to do it alone.

Our teams have put together a ‘prepare and respond’ toolkit to shed some light on what services are available for businesses wanting to supercharge their cyber protection.

Prepare and respond

Our services are designed to improve your business’s approach to cyber safety, starting with a Vulnerability Assessment using a scorecard approach, an initial audit, leading all the way through to Cybercrime Insurance.

This Cyber Security Lifecycle diagram gives you a better understanding of what this process looks like and how our services work in tandem.

Cyber Security Lifecycle

Step 1: Identify your risks

To remain secure, achieve growth, profitability and return on investment, we enable planning and the implementation of critical cyber strategies. Our Cyber Security Advisory team works with you to undertake a Vulnerability Assessment, providing you with a scorecard of your risks along with strategies to mitigate these risks.

Step 2: Protect your business

Using global best practices, we offer technical testing and assessments with reporting, catered to both technical and business stakeholders.

Step 3: Continually monitor your business

Through our Assurance services, we assess the quality and maturity of IT (Information Technology) controls based on business requirements.

Step 4: Respond

As you go through your cyber security journey, we look to partner with clients and can provide the specialist capabilities required to manage threats across specific parts of your business operations.

Step 5: Recover

Have you considered Cybercrime Insurance? It is a relatively new form of cover intended to help your business recover from the financial impact of computer hacking or a data breach. Our team of insurance advisers can help find the right cover for your needs.

Experts you can trust

Through more than 100 offices across Australasia, Findex combines local and regional talent with the global reach of the Crowe network – a top ten global accounting network – to tailor solutions and solve problems that enrich the future of our clients and their businesses.

We can help you with the why, how and what to focus on for your cyber security protection from small to large businesses.

Find out more

To receive a vulnerability assessment or to enquire about Cybercrime Insurance, contact our cyber experts today.

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