The cost of doing nothing when preparing for retirement

Our research shows that ‘doing nothing’ is potentially costing Australians millions of dollars in retirement. Learn how we’re changing misconceptions about financial advice to help dispel the myths that are preventing Australians from accessing the help they need to improve retirement outcomes.

Preparing for retirement

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See the impact financial advice can have on retirement outcomes.

Breaking down barriers to a comfortable retirement.

Based on our research, around one in two Australians don’t believe they have a good understanding of what financial resources they would need for a comfortable retirement. Despite around 80% believing professional financial advice could benefit them in retirement, only 30% have sought advice.

2 in 3 Australians aged 35 to 65 are not confident
Millennials 4x more confident than baby boomers
Seeking financial advice

Money management is not a transactional relationship - it’s good life hygiene.

Demonstrating the value of financial advice.

Seeking professional financial advice should be viewed as good life hygiene like scheduling a dental check-up with a qualified dentist. And with the cost of living continuing to increase and Australians living longer, the reality for most people – particularly women – is they simply won’t have the funds they need to live a comfortable retirement if they don’t take a proactive approach to their financial future.

Through financial modelling, we have shown that whether you’re ten years away from retirement age or 30 years away, the gains of receiving financial advice outweigh the fees for many Australians.

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Retirement outcomes for women

Retirement outcomes for women.

Australian women aged between 50 to 64 are the least confident they will have the resources needed for retirement with almost half saying they are not confident. The cost of advice and not earning enough were cited as the top barriers preventing women from accessing financial advice but our modelling shows it's more achievable than most think.

Overcoming procrastination towards retirement

Overcoming procrastination towards retirement.

Almost a quarter of Australians aged 55-65 think it's simply too late in life to bother planning for a comfortable retirement. While it's true that starting early can lead to better financial outcomes, it's never too late to seek financial advice. Our modelling shows that even if you’re less than ten years away from retirement, you can still benefit from financial advice.


Breaking down the barriers costing Australians six figures in retirement.

Financial advice doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles or cost the earth to be effective and have a significant impact on retirement outcomes. And despite what many people think, financial advice is affordable for many Australians who assume they don’t earn enough to warrant it. Curious to find out more?

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