As Chief Operations Officer and one of Findex’s original team members, Tony is responsible for business operations across the group’s 110 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Placing great importance on building elite teams, change management and well-designed processes, facilitated through best in class systems, Tony believes Findex can provide a uniquely integrated service offering of global scale to its clients and the broader market place.

As an experienced leader in general management, Tony prioritises helping set the strategic tone of the business as well as building and maintaining enduring relationships with his teams and makes a considered effort to regularly travel between Findex’s regional and metropolitan offices. Tony frequently facilitates engagement sessions with employees in the offices he travels to, ensuring their feedback is understood, absorbed and acted upon by his operations team and broader business.

Tony values strong leadership, the empowerment of others and is a champion of Findex’s cadet program as it evolves formally, providing opportunities to school leavers to establish themselves in the workplace. He believes that education and employment can and should happen in conjunction and was instrumental in the establishment of the Findex Academy; a formal training platform to empower further education in Findex employees.

In addition to being a group Director and Chief Operations Officer, Tony is also the Chair of the Findex Investment Committee, which brings together external investment advisers, client advocates, and key Findex investment professionals to oversee the strategy, research and implementation of Findex’s investment philosophy and activities.