Your Story is Our Business


Every story is unique.

Our job is to help make yours one of the classics.

The work Findex does spans people, businesses, industries, countries, even continents. But wherever we work and whomever we work with, our clients are the centre of what we do. Their stories form the heart and soul of our business.

As fierce advocates for our clients’ success, Findex empower its clients with the tools to write their story the way they want it to be. And we’re very proud to share a few of those stories through Your Story is Our Business.

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What Findex clients are saying

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A lot of the time when you’re in business it can seem like your back is against the wall and no one wants to help, but there are people there that can help you find a pathway through.

Phil Britt

Aussie Broadband

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Whenever you go through something traumatic like that it makes you re-evaluate what things are important... For us it’s always been about family.

Lydia Albert

Murray Darling resident

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There’s been no end of challenges in building this business, it’s a real journey and you don’t grow a company like this in a straight line.

Greg Fahey


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