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Strengthening family finances in Australia

Research reveals that conversations about finances are taking place in most Australian households, however, there is a need to shift the focus from short-term concerns, such as budgeting and living costs, to vital long-term topics like retirement and estate planning. As Australia stands on the verge of a $3.5 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer over the next two decades, this report delves into what's holding Australians back from discussing lasting financial security.

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Barriers to meaningful financial conversations.

While the majority (85%) of Australians strongly believe in the benefits of having conversations about finances with their family unit, 3 in 5 have challenges or concerns that would stop them from speaking openly about finances with them.


The heart of financial well-being lies not just in discussing what's at hand, but in envisioning the road ahead.

Demonstrating the value of financial advice.

While navigating the challenges of the present is undeniably critical, focusing solely on short-term aspects can inadvertently limit our financial growth. Engaging in conversations about retirement plans, estate planning, and strategic investing through the guidance of a financial adviser empowers families to craft financial roadmaps that extend beyond the horizon of immediate needs.

The research highlights the need for a shift in focus, from short-term budgeting to encompassing discussions that pave the way for both immediate and enduring financial security. By addressing the barriers that hinder constructive conversations, individuals can create an environment of openness, where topics like retirement, estate planning, and investing are discussed with the same enthusiasm as everyday expenses.

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The role of parents and professionals.

Young adults, specifically Gen Z and Millennials, are increasingly tapping into the financial acumen of their parents and some (23% Gen Z; 20% Millennials) even leverage their family member’s access to professional financial advice.


Gen Z barriers.

Nearly half of Gen Z say having a safe space for constructive conversations (48%) and personally having the knowledge about financial matters (44%) would help them to start having/have more regular financial conversations with family about finances.


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Navigating financial conversations across generations.

For actionable advice on how to engage in meaningful financial conversations with your children, download our guide that covers everything from initiating discussions at different life stages to transitioning towards long-term financial planning and involving financial advisers.