Federal Budget 2022-23

Summary Paper

Was Federal Budget 2022-23 the safe space election budget we had to have?

With economic recovery after COVID-19 stronger than expected and Australia being on the cusp of a Federal Election, the stage was set for a Federal Budget 2022-23 of election promises that would appeal to voters. The main tax proposals we have identified in the Federal Budget 2022-23 predominantly focus on providing immediate relief to individuals and families to deal with the rising cost of living as well as to provide support for businesses. Here’s what they mean to you.

From the CEO's desk | Federal Budget 2022-23

Findex Chief Executive Officer Spiro Paule discusses the announcement of the Australian Federal Budget 2022-23 on behalf of the business on Wednesday 30 March 2022.

Detailed Commentary | Businesses​

Commitment to the Trade Modernisation agenda

Australian patent box scheme expanded

Business tax announcements from Federal Budget 2022-23

$1.5 billion support for small businesses to invest in training and adoption of digital technology

THRIVE 2030 strategy targets $230 billion visitor economy

Budget brings grants and subsidy support for businesses

Cyber Spice on the menu for Federal Budget 2022-23

Business key person risk overlooked in favour of cost of living

Business and Industry | Federal Budget 2022-23

Detailed Commentary | Individuals

Regional Australia takes centre stage in the Federal Budget

Superannuation remains secure in uncertain times

Focus on cost of living provides some short term personal tax relief

The Women’s Budget Statement 2022-23

Cost of living GST opportunity missed in pre-election Budget vote grab

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