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Government in Australia makes up between about 35% and 40% of the country’s total economy, according to the OECD, and employs about 2 million people (OECD, ‘Government at a Glance’ (2017)). In New Zealand, its size is about the same, and it employs about 350,000 people.

With a focus on audit, risk and assurance; business and performance consulting; specialist tax advisory; and corporate finance advice, our people bring expertise and capability to many of the issues that governments, departments, semi-government entities and agencies face. Our people understand the particular pressures and demands on the public service and governments to help find efficiencies, “do more with less”, and be more productive.

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Local councils and local government agencies;

  • Education (schools, vocation training and universities);

  • Health, including hospitals, health groups, social and welfare agencies (including services to indigenous and Aboriginal groups);

  • Infrastructure and utilities;

  • Program delivery (including R&D tax advice)