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Conversations that count

Matthew Swieconek
26 October 2023
1 min read

Hit play to delve into the importance of financial conversations within families. Research reveals that most Australian households discuss finances. Yet, many people tend to prioritise short-term financial matters, such as budgeting and living expenses and often neglect long-term topics, such as retirement and estate planning.

This webinar covers what's holding Australians back from discussing lasting financial security and covers some of the research findings around the barriers to meaningful financial conversations in families. Unlock everything from how to start conversations about money at different stages of life to making the most of financial advice and long-term financial planning.


  • Matthew Swieconek, Head of Investment Relations - Findex

  • Brett Heading, Chairman of Partners - Hamilton Locke

  • Penelope Nicholls, Senior Associate - Hamilton Locke

Author: Matthew Swieconek | Head of Investment Relations