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Franchising: navigating financial challenges in 2022

Sarah Eltakchi
29 March 2022
1 min read

29 March 2022

Right now is a crucial time in the franchisee and franchisor relationship. Franchisees need the right support to help them through the turbulence, while franchisors need to be proactive in their support for their franchise group. During the upcoming year financial considerations regarding debt, staff, data and access to information are critical to ensure sustainability and growth for the franchise group.

In this webinar our Findex team cover the current landscape, the challenges facing franchisees and franchisors and the mitigations to ensure your franchise group has the ability to navigate these unchartered waters.

Author: Sarah Eltakchi | Partner

Sarah has been supporting business owners to achieve their goals for over 15 years. Sarah’s approach is all about providing you with a plan for the future and helping you navigate your way to identify and reach your goals. Working alongside her clients through out every stage of the journey, implementing financial and operational strategies, accounting and tax compliance, guiding, mentoring and providing direction at each stage of the business’ life – from startup, through the growth phase, and eventually to succession.