Federal Budget

Individuals and households | Federal Budget 2021-22

Nic d'Emden
12 May 2021
1 min read

13 May 2021

Findex Partner for Wealth Management Nicolas d'Emden, Associate Partner for Business Advisory Leon Caulfield and Senior Client Manager for SMSF Sally McPherson discuss the announcement of the 2021-22 Australian federal budget from the perspective of private individuals and households.

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Author: Nic d'Emden | Partner

Nic joined Findex in 2015 after spending nine years with an ASX listed financial advisory firm in Launceston. He holds the internationally recognised certified financial planner practitioner qualification - the highest certification for financial advisers in the profession. Nic is also a life risk specialist, and specialises in superannuation, investment portfolio and advice and direct equities.