Introducing Credit Consulting

13 March 2019
2 min read

Unpaid invoices remain a major pain point for any business. The severe impact late payments can have on cash flow, beyond the additional investment required to ensure these invoices are paid, can hamper business growth and impact your ability to plan effectively for the future.

To better assist with the needs of our clients, Findex is announcing the launch of a new, holistic service: Credit Consulting.

Our experienced and trusted Credit team, spanning our entire network, will provide a complete full-service offering to help reduce your credit risks and support your unique credit management requirements. Our innovative Credit Consulting approach works to develop a proactive solution to enhance all aspects of the credit process including: Debt Collection, Credit Resourcing, training and support developing robust policies.

Going further than the status quo, our Credit Consulting team will analyse the pain points of your credit process to develop a new strategy, aimed at limiting outstanding invoices and the need to chase outstanding debt. Our goal is to provide a tailor-made solution to suit your individual business needs, working with your team to ensure your credit processes are market leading.

You will also gain access to our exclusively negotiated commercial rates, thanks to our longstanding partnerships within the credit network.

We are excited to be launching this full service offering as part of the wider Findex Family Office model. If you’re looking for greater support in improving business cash flows and developing an end-to-end credit solution, don’t hesitate to contact your local Credit Specialist.

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