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Navigating superannuation in a cost of living crisis

Matthew Swieconek
22 May 2024
1 min read

As the cost of living continues to rise, our research unveils a stark reality: four in five Australians are recalibrating their investment and saving goals, yet many are charting a course unaware of the full power of superannuation in securing their future prosperity. Learn how to manage your superannuation contributions effectively amid the escalating cost-of-living crisis.

Our experts cover:

  • Understanding superannuation: An introductory overview of superannuation and its role in retirement planning amidst economic fluctuations.

  • Impact of the cost-of-living crisis: Discussion on how current economic conditions are influencing superannuation contributions and long-term financial plans.

  • Debunking retirement savings myths: Presenting evidence-based insights on actual retirement needs versus common perceptions.

  • Strategic superannuation management: Exploring diversified strategies for enhancing super contributions, tailored to individual life stages and financial goals.

  • Case studies and financial modelling: Providing practical examples and expert analyses to illustrate effective superannuation planning and growth techniques.

Bridge the knowledge gap and learn how to leverage superannuation into a powerful ally for a secure retirement.

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Author: Matthew Swieconek | Head of Investment Relations