Prioritising work-life balance as a Findex Graduate

8 March 2023
5 min read

Jasmine Fong studied Bachelor of Business majoring in Accountancy at the Queensland University of Technology and is now a Graduate in External Audit at Findex.

A day in the life of Jasmine Fong

At 7am I prepare for the day by dressing, making myself a piece of buttered toast and a glass of almond milk, and packing my Findex backpack with the essential goods I need for work (i.e. a laptop, charger, water bottle, and notepads). My father and I work in the same office building, so we travel to the city together either listening to the radio or jamming to kpop music (mainly BTS which I thoroughly enjoy). After arriving, greeting the receptionists, and ascending the internal stairs to meet the team, I set up my assigned desk and connect my laptop to my monitors. I check my emails, open the Microsoft Teams app to see if I have any meetings scheduled for the day/week, and then check in with my manager to ensure we are on the same page.

Jasmine Fong (1)

Back at my desk, I open the client's spreadsheets which are in the audit system. I will check my emails from clients to thank them for sending attachments, and then review each file they have sent and make notes in those open spreadsheets. In addition, I type a list of the sections I need to complete for the day and attach it to my desktop so I can easily view it throughout the day. 

Every Monday at 9:30am, the entire team meets via Microsoft Teams to discuss the client projects we are all currently working on, and any projects that were carried over from the previous week. This is also an opportunity to delegate tasks to foster teamwork, reduce stress, and lighten the load. The team emphasises that they are here for support and to share knowledge, and this makes me feel comfortable reaching out to each member for any assistance I may require. 

Jasmine Fong (2)

After the meeting, I go to the kitchen to get some morning tea (cookies) and then return to my desk.

Typically, as a graduate, I am assigned Control Risk Assessments (CRA) and Test of Controls (TOC) for the Expense and Payroll cycles. This entails speaking with the client about the key personnel involved in each cycle, reviewing the system documentation, and conducting a control testing walkthrough in which I request the client to display specific files/reports while taking notes. The TOC necessitates that I review additional reports and type up additional notes to ensure that the control is properly implemented. This process of the CRA and TOC can be performed at the client's location or in the office via a team conference call. Once this is completed, I will sign my initials on the audit system and then inform my senior in charge; they will then review the files, typing up any notes that I need to fix (the audit system will display a note warning icon), and I will then check the notes that they have written on the files and correct it before the manager reviews. Depending on the client and how efficiently they send through the files, the CRA and TOC may take longer than two days, and as a recent graduate, my learning may also be a factor. 

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Lunch is usually between 12:30 - 1:30pm and sometimes the entire team in the office that day will dine together at a restaurant. (As auditors, we frequently travel to the client's location, so it depends on which day you are in the office.) 

Back at my desk after lunch, I will complete the client's CRA and TOC. Around 3pm I typically head to the kitchen for an afternoon snack before returning to my desk to continue working on the client. I check to see if my manager has taken any notes on the CRA and TOC documents I've drafted, and then I will revise the sections where they have done so. This typically keeps me busy until the end of the day. 

After a long and eventful day at the office, it is time to sign off and pack up. After saying goodbye I walk to the bus stop, which is approximately 10 minutes away. On this one-hour commute home, I put in my AirPods and enjoy my favourite kpop songs.

Once at home I message my friends to see how they're doing, catch up on social media sites, and dance and sing while my mother and sister prepare home-cooked meals. After dinner I relax on the couch with my sister and discuss her day. After watching our favourite Netflix series, I will eventually retire to bed. Obtaining a restful night's sleep and recharging for the next day's fresh start. 

Working at Findex makes me feel at home and part of a family. The atmosphere promotes a dynamic and adaptable culture that is pleasant and comfortable. They also foster an environment where work-life balance is a priority. Each day will vary but that is my typical office day.