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R&D tax incentive webinar

Naida Beltrame
15 March 2021
1 min read

15 March 2021

Presented by our R&D tax specialists Naida Beltrame and Emily Chase, this webinar will help you understand and prepare your 2020 R&D tax incentive application. Topics covered include:

  • Program benefits

  • Key eligibility requirements

  • Tips and strategies for substantiating your claim

  • Current compliance environment

Author: Naida Beltrame | Partner

Naida Beltrame is the National leader of the R&D Tax Incentive practice at Findex. Naida has over 18 years’ experience assisting clients ranging from SMEs to publicly listed entities in accessing R&D tax incentive funding in the manufacturing, engineering, agribusiness, financial services, IT and software sectors. Naida has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand which enables her to provide deep technical/scientific and financial/tax insights for clients’ R&D claims. Naida is dedicated to supporting and advancing the interests of Australia’s technology sector and is currently a board member and Trustee of the Victorian Womens Trust.