Supporting a brighter future for Indigenous Australians

1 October 2020
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1 October 2020

The Findex Community Fund’s vision is to create equal access to opportunity for people isolated by location or circumstance by collaborating with charities to deliver programs that have real impact in local communities.

Since 2018, the Findex Community Fund has partnered with Yalari to provide funding for the scholarships of young Indigenous Australians from regional, rural and remote communities to some of Australia’s leading boarding schools.

Yalari believes education to be the key to generational change and a brighter future for Indigenous Australians. Hear from two Yalari students on their experience of 2020:


Year 7 – The Glennie School, Toowoomba QLD

“This is my first year at The Glennie School and so far I am enjoying boarding life and getting to experience a new school off the Island.

I come from a small island in the Torres Strait so being at this school has been completely different and new for me.

I feel like Orientation camp helped me learn what boarding school would be like and I had such a good time on camp meeting everyone and doing heaps of fun activities.

Learning online at home has been different and I miss my school mates and also my teachers. But there is always support available whether from my school or from Yalari. I am very grateful for everyone’s support and belief in me.

I am doing my best to get good grades and I am hoping to keep it up and make my family proud. Thank you for making this possible for me.”


Year 9 – Sydney Church of England Grammar School

“In Year 9 I have more responsibility which has been good. The workload for my studies hasn’t been too bad and I have learned to speak up for myself when I need some extra help.

I was proud of finishing off my final exam in my drum lessons. I was doing lessons all throughout the term. At the end we came together in front of all the other drummers in the school and played in front of all the parents. I worked my way up to playing in front of quite a few people. I played Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

This year during wood tech I got to make a skateboard. I picked wood tech as an elective and in class I got to pick the timber I used for the project. I used Tassie Oak and Gumtree. The overall skateboard itself I thought personally was pretty good.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity I have to attend Shore. You have put a great education into my hands, and it is mine to take on board. I would also like to thank you for believing in me that I can go through and finish year 12.”

Yalari also celebrates 15 years in 2020, with 210 students currently receiving scholarships and over 350 alumni. The Findex Community Fund is incredibly proud to support Yalari.