From data chaos to clarity | Transforming Education

Behrang Zadjabbari
24 November 2023
1 min read

In this webinar we explore a transformative AI solution for your school - The Findex Education Portal.

  • Are your current reports and systems not identifying any changes that occur or alert you for discrepancies?

  • Is your valuable data scattered across various locations, making analysis and accuracy questionable year on year?

  • Do you seek a more comprehensive breakdown of financials?

  • What about Budget vs Actuals across departments in real-time and historically?

  • Have you got access to info regarding debtor trends?

  • Are you aware of the impact of fluctuations in enrolment and staff?

The Findex Education Portal addresses these issues and more. Developed in collaboration with educational institutions, it offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your operations through interactive dashboards and machine learning analysis.

The best part is a national grant is available to fund the solution.

Find out more and book a demo today.

Author: Behrang Zadjabbari | Partner

Dr. Behrang Zadjabbari is a client focused strategic data science leader with strong commercial acumen and passionate about data monetization and driving business and customer value from all variety of structured and unstructured data. He has exceptional experience in delivering a range of data science consulting services to clients, including Artificial Intelligence and Automation, predictive analytics, Business Intelligence and advanced analytics.