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Aged care – thinking about home care?

Samantha Murnane
19 October 2023
3 min read

Home care can mean different things to different people. For some, it means getting extra help with daily chores or receiving temporary care while a family member or caregiver is absent. For others with an ongoing medical condition, it might mean round-the-clock nursing care. Whatever home care may look like for you, the first thing to understand is that asking for help doesn’t mean surrendering your independence – it could mean quite the opposite.

Numerous services exist to help older people preserve a high standard of living so they can stay at home and independent for as long as possible. So, seeking help – whether through home care packages or other home care services – should allow you to stay within your comfort zone and enhance your quality of life.

What does home care look like?

Home care often revolves around your own personal circumstance. It could be receiving help with tasks such as shopping, housekeeping, gardening, and meal preparation. Alternatively, it might involve aid with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and moving in and out of bed.

Home care packages might also involve making alterations to enhance your safety and mobility within your home or getting transportation assistance so you can get to and from appointments or community activities. As well as in-home visits, home care services could include regular communication via phone or internet.

While this all sounds great, you may be wondering...

Am I eligible for home care and what will it cost?

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) evaluates and determines the qualification for a Home Care Package based on necessity. Contemplate scheduling an ACAT evaluation if you have:

  • Noticed a change in what you can do or remember

  • Been diagnosed with a medical condition or are experiencing reduced mobility

  • Experienced a change in family member care arrangements

  • Experienced a recent fall or hospital admission

You can apply for an evaluation from the Aged Care Assessment Team via the myagedcare.gov.au website.

If you're just embarking on your home care journey, navigating the myriad of choices and bureaucratic hurdles can be quite intimidating. Consulting an Aged Care Specialist Adviser can have many benefits.

Aged Care Specialist Advisers are financial advisers that are specialists within aged care who can help ensure you receive the right advice and support. While a financial adviser may not be your initial choice, having the help of someone who understands the nuances of financial planning can benefit you in more ways than one.

Including ensuring:

  • Your assets or investments are properly structured to suit your evolving needs

  • You have the continuous cash flow to cover home care expenses

  • Your Centrelink/Department of Veteran’s affairs benefits are fully utilised

  • Your insurance needs are covered e.g., life insurance or total and permanent disability insurance

  • Your estate planning is up to date

If you would like to learn more about getting financial advice from an Aged Care Specialist Adviser, please reach out to our wealth management today.

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Author: Samantha Murnane | Associate Partner

Samantha has over 18 years’ experience in the financial planning industry. She has completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional for over 10 years. Samantha has successfully completed the educational requirements to be a FASEA compliant adviser. Samantha enjoys working with clients to help them set realistic goals and provides advice in areas such as superannuation, investments, Centrelink and cash flow management to assist with achieving strong financial outcomes. Her specialities are Self Managed Super Fund Wealth Management & Aged Care. Samantha's broad experience and knowledge enable her to create tailored financial strategies that allow clients to meet their goals and achieve the financial freedom to live the life they want to live. She helps clients accumulate and manage their wealth and income on an ongoing basis. Samantha is also a Financial Planning Associated Aged Care Specialist Adviser and is an Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalTM with Aged Care Steps. As such, she helps clients with navigating the financial aspects of the aged care system. In particular, Samantha assists clients with advice on structuring assets to fund aged care entry costs and provides cash flow analysis for the payment of ongoing aged care fees. She also provides advice on the Centrelink and estate planning implications of entering residential aged care.