Where will the Findex Graduate Program take you?

10 August 2022
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10 August 2022

Jag Singh is a Findex Graduate in the Business Advisory team. He joined Findex in October 2021, moving from Melbourne to regional Victoria in pursuit of something different. Jag’s advice to anyone thinking about applying for a position – just do it, you never know where it might take you.

Jag in his office

A workday for me starts off with a 6:30 wake up, followed by the necessary chores, getting ready, and leaving for the office around 8am. It’s a personal preference of mine to work from the office most days, but I do have the option of working from home when I need to or feel like it. I just find I am more productive working from the office, so that’s what I choose to do most days.

At 8:15, when I arrive at the office, I get stuck into work, everything is ready for me because I plan for it the day before. On Monday’s we usually have a team catch up to set ourselves up for the week ahead, and make sure everybody is on the same page.

In the past ten months, no two days of work have been the same for me, there is always something new that I come across. I work across client files and now I am working across tax, and sorting through capital gains on clients shares. I spend a lot of my time in tax.

My role entails a lot of research and tax work as a graduate, not a lot of book-work. We usually get emails from the ATO introducing new legislation, which requires a lot of research so I can understand it for the tasks I need to work on.

Late morning rolls around and I usually make myself a cuppa to have at my desk while I continue my research. As I am new, I don’t have too much client facing time. Some days however, I do get to meet with clients because I am in a smaller town, our clients like to meet in person. The clients come into the office, and we catch up in meeting rooms.

I am currently working with the Youth Council to promote Young Money. We are trying to organise some workshops in the region which require meeting with the Council and with the local area marketing team working on this project.

Every day at 1pm I break for lunch. I recommend the café two doors up, they do good chunky pies. Usually, I will run into a few people from the office, so we sit down and enjoy our hour lunch break together.

Very similar to my mornings, my afternoons are a continuation of the work I have left before lunch, today is more tax work. 

As the end of the day draws near, I work on a plan for tomorrow. This helps me start the next day right and saves a lot of time in the morning, I can just come in and get straight into my tasks. 

At the end of the day, if it’s not Friday, I’ll head home just after 5. On Fridays, our office usually has a “knock-off drink” to finish the week. 

The team I work with is really supportive, and you get a lot of feedback which helps me in my role, the openness of communication in the team is good.  

Jag at the station

Outside of work I am a volunteer at my local fire station. I am a trainee fire fighter so on my way home I might stop into the station for a cuppa and biscuit (or slice of cake if I’m lucky). I enjoy a quick catch up and continue on.  

Once I get home, I start cooking dinner and work through some personal projects before getting ready for bed, or I might have some friends drop in for a catch up. 

My advice to any graduates trying to apply for the role, I knew I wanted to move away from Melbourne, I saw this job and ended up in Bairnsdale! Be spontaneous, if you want to do something, just do it. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.  

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