Australian Banking: Beware the Faceless Men

A new wave of optimism has swept across business with the ascension of Malcolm Turnbull; a rapid and remarkable occurrence given the short time frame.

Consumer confidence up 8.7% in a week; the natural party of (most) business is in front in many polls and, most importantly, there is an optimistic narrative from the man at the top as he signals not only a commitment to the digital economy, but that he understands the threats and opportunities to the nation at a time of structural change. That’s the good news.

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Findex announces partnership with National Farmers’ Federation

Crowe Horwath, part of Findex, teamed with the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) on the weekend to assist Australian farmers prosper as the sector moves into a new era of intense global competition where innovation will need to play a critical role.

Spiro Paule, Chief Executive Officer, Findex, has commented on the Digital Transformation initiatives announced on Saturday by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and the NFF, suggesting Australian farmers must digitally innovate and thereby grab export growth opportunities.

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Findex restructures, refines brand

Findex has announced a major restructure to its operating model and an associated rebranding to signal this change. The new branding initiative heralds the group’s formal adoption of a comprehensive service model that will see all businesses in the group offering a wide range of financial services including wealth advice, accounting and tax, and a range of related services, regardless of the traditional speciality of that individual business.

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