Protect your business from wage theft

Comprehensive payroll automation and artificial intelligence (AI) solution that helps address financial and legal risks inherent with payroll management.

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Findex Payroll AI identifies instances of underpayment or overpayment to help prevent wage theft and help ensure every payment aligns with compliance standards.

Inaccurate payroll processing can result in significant consequences for businesses, affecting growth, reputation, and legal standing. Leveraging automation, AI, and analytics to address payroll risks, Findex Payroll AI can help your business reduce risks, enhance compliance, and provide actionable insights to optimise your payroll processes and practices.

By efficiently processing timesheet data from multiple systems and cross-referencing it with existing award and payment rules, Findex Payroll AI identifies instances of underpayment or overpayment, empowering your business to streamline payroll processing and help ensure payroll compliance.


Payroll AI Real time anomaly analysis imagery

Real-time anomaly analysis

  • View detailed reports on underpayments and overpayments.

  • Enable thorough investigation through a drill-down capability, pinpointing precise issues.

  • Process historical data to identify and rectify anomalies from the past.

Payroll AI Timesheet analysis & anomaly detection imagery

Timesheet analysis and anomaly detection

  • Compare timesheet data with payroll records, notifying any mismatches.

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of employee timesheets, highlighting missed entries and manually processed payments.

  • Facilitate efficient reconciliation of timesheet and payment transactions, resolving data quality issues.

Payroll AI Enhanced data quality & insights imagery

Enhanced data quality and insights

  • Detect data quality issues, such as illogical working hours, to help ensure accurate and consistent records.

  • Offer insights on staff productivity, total working hours trends, and more, aiding informed decision-making.

Payroll AI Real time dashboard and actionable insights imagery

Real-time dashboard for actionable insights

  • View a real-time dashboard summarising payment, financials, salary expenses, performance KPIs, and trends in payments.

  • Provide predictive insights to anticipate trends and plan effectively.

Payroll AI Effortless reporting imagery

Effortless reporting and data accessibility

  • Easy downloading and exporting of reports with customised filters for enhanced flexibility.

  • Eliminate manual reporting work by automatically generating reports, reducing human error and associated costs.


Accurate payroll processing is more than a necessity - it's a strategic advantage.

Mitigate the risk of human error in payroll processing and act on anomalies and insights as they happen with real-time insights into payroll data that empowers your organisation to make informed decisions, improve processes, and enhance overall payroll practices that contribute to:

Financial stability and profitability
Legal compliance
Accurate financial budgets
Reputation management
Business valuation and long-term success
Informed decision-making
Integrated insights for effective analysis
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Take control of your payroll data and optimise your payroll processes.

If you’re ready to address payroll data challenges, minimise reputational risks, enhance compliance, and provide actionable insights for your business, book a consultation to see how Findex Payroll AI can help optimise your business payroll processes and practices.