Credit Consulting

Unpaid invoices can have a serious impact on any business’ cash flow. Beyond the costs associated with the collection of debts, in both time and money, they represent funds that are unavailable for use in growing your business. Further, the longer that receivables remain outstanding, the lower the likelihood of them turning into funds at all.

Our team of specialist advisers provide service-driven advice on how to reduce the risks presented to your business every day. They work with you to understand the unique needs of your business and in turn identify the strategies or solutions most suitable.

Our Approach

We will first analyse the effectiveness of your credit strategy, drawing on your management and financial reports, policies and procedures, to answer:

  1. Are you carrying too great a debt?
  2. Do you have a credit policy in place?
  3. Are you using standardised debt collection letters?
  4. Are you distributing to your clients electronically?
  5. Do you perform Credit Checks or Trade References?
  6. Do you engage your work up front?
  7. Are you invoicing on completion of your work?

We will then provide you with a selection of viable solutions for both improved cash flow and minimized loss. These solutions expand risk areas, credit terms, credit agreements and collection methods, often including the introduction of an up-front payment system and the adjustment of company reports.

Debt Collection

Our experienced team of Credit Controllers and Managers who have a wide footprint throughout Australia and New Zealand, will tailor a collection method suited to your business and clients. For us, collections is about retaining the client and ensuring a win win solution for both parties. Our services will include but no limited to; letters, phone calls, legals and external debt collection if and when required.

Collection training and policy development

We will empower your staff members with on-going education and training covering the importance of a proactive debt collection strategy, the process for preventing overdue accounts and bad debts, the engagement of any debt collection or legal teams, your credit documents and terms of trade.

A professional credit policy will also be crafted by our trusted team of advisers, tailored to specific needs of your practice.

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Credit Consulting
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