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Buying property in super to build wealth and retirement security

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The increasing popularity of buying property in super

Buying property in super is a popular choice for both families and business owners looking to leverage tax effective property investment opportunities available to SMSFs. And there are multiple ways to do this depending on your individual goals and circumstances.  

Under the right circumstances, investing in property through an SMSF can have several advantages including tax concessions and potential to build wealth. But investing in property through superannuation is complex and highly regulated and requires a team of experts to help ensure that your SMSF property purchase is a well-informed and secure decision. 

From understanding the strict compliance requirements of the Sole Purpose Test and understanding related party rules to managing property acquisition costs and lending needs, Findex has a holistic team of accountants, financial advisers and lending experts working together, to manage every stage of the SMSF property investment journey with you. 

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Purchasing business premises within an SMSF can provide ongoing tax concessions and help increase retirement savings.

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Invest directly in commercial property

Using super for investment property purchases means your SMSF can purchase your business premises and then lease it back to your business at market rates, which can help you accumulate further wealth in super by collecting lease payments from your business.

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Asset protection and retirement security

In the event of insolvency, funds and assets held within an SMSF will generally be protected from creditors so investing in property through an SMSF can be a useful strategy to protect your assets for retirement security.

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Limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA)

An LRBA is a specific type of loan for SMSFs that offer a means of financing a property purchase, however, there are strict compliance and serviceability requirements to consider before entering an LRBA and you need to ensure your fund can service the loan prior to applying for any finance.


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Maximising the benefits of SMSF legislative changes

With the maximum number of members allowed in an SMSF expanding from four to six people, an increasing number of SMSFs are favouring direct property investments over direct equities*. 

Increasing the SMSF membership limit has opened doors for families and businesses to combine their resources within an SMSF, providing a greater asset pool for them to leverage their way into competitive residential and commercial property markets. Consequently, SMSFs with five or more members are seizing this opportunity by venturing into SMSF property purchases on a larger scale than ever before. 

In the right situation, buying property in super can provide substantial tax advantages and long-term wealth-building potential. Our experienced SMSF experts can guide you through your SMSF property investment journey to help ensure you are well-informed and prepared. 

* Class Annual Benchmark Report 2023

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