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Financial modelling provides a detailed and realistic forecast of how much you need to fund your lifestyle and retirement. Our experts use financial modelling to project your income, expenses, savings and investments over time.

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The role of financial modelling in planning for the future.

Our research shows ‘doing nothing’ is costing many Australians millions of dollars in retirement. And whether it’s confidence levels, cost, misplaced perceptions or procrastination stopping them from seeking financial advice, every year that finances are left unattended, many Australians are potentially losing six figures or more over their lifetime - regardless of demographic or gender.

Through financial modelling, we can show that whether you’re ten years away from retirement age or 30 years away, the gains of receiving financial advice can outweigh the fees.

If you could be better off by the time you retire through the benefits of professional, tailored advice suited to your own personal needs, why wouldn’t you take the plunge? That could be the difference between enjoying the freedom of a comfortable retirement or having to work a few years more and delaying your retirement until your late 60s or early 70s.

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The projected benefit of financial advice through financial modelling.

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If you’re a Baby Boomer.

Using someone who began receiving financial advice at the age of 57 as an example, our financial modelling indicates by the age of 67, they could increase their net assets by 8% or just under $148,000. Learn how our financial advisers use financial modelling to demonstrate where you could be in ten years.

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If you’re Gen X.

Using the example of someone who starts receiving financial advice in their late 40s, our financial modelling indicates they could grow their net assets by 13% or close to $240,000 by the time they reached age 65. Our financial advisers can show you what your retirement projections look like based on your personal circumstances.

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If you’re a Millennial.

In this example, we used financial modelling to show how a Millennial who received financial advice from the age of 35, could potentially retire at age 65 with approximately $664,000 more than had they not sought any financial advice. Speak to a financial adviser to see how financial modelling could help put you on the right path.

All projections are based on a series of scenarios and assumptions around income, lifestyle, superannuation and age, taken from ‘The cost of doing nothing when preparing for retirement’. Every individual’s circumstances are different and these projections do not guarantee similar results.


What could the next ten years look like?

Our financial advice and modelling specialists can help you make informed financial decisions about your future based on a structured financial data analysis.


Working with Findex's financial advice and modelling specialists.

Financial modelling uses assumptions such as investment returns, inflation, and lifestyle expenses to help you understand the impact of your financial decisions over time. With these insights, you can make informed choices about how much money you spend, save, and invest to achieve your financial goals.

Financial modelling is a complex, technical process so working with a professional can be a good way to help you identify potential risks and opportunities and adjust your financial plan.

At Findex, we use the latest techniques and technology to create models reflective of real-world scenarios to help you visualise possible outcomes tailored to you.

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Take control of your future.

Don’t shy away from the future. Unlock the value of financial modelling to help you live the life you deserve.

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