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Get expert financial advice from our Wealth Management team to help you prepare and protect your legacy for the next generation.

Preparing for the Great Wealth Transfer

You’ve worked hard to grow and maintain your wealth.

Our advisers are here to help ensure that the wealth you will pass on to the next generation is used wisely.

Aussie Baby Boomers are expected to pass on an estimated $3.5 trillion in inheritances over the next two decades - the most significant intergenerational transfer of wealth in Australian history [1]. And while research shows that the recipients of this wealth feel confident managing their finances, it also suggests that they are underprepared to manage this wealth long-term.

The Findex Wealth Management team is here to help you facilitate the transfer of your wealth and financial wisdom to your loved ones. By partnering with our team of experts, you can help equip the next generation to maintain and grow their wealth.


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How the next generation of Australians view
spending and investing.

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Live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

More than half would rather spend money than save for the long term.

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Invest in high-risk, high-yield investments like crypto.

Majority are pursuing riskier investments.

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Professional financial services are too expensive.

Less than a quarter use professional services for financial advice.

A consultant for the whole family

Prepare the next generation to manage their finances responsibly.

Introduce them to the benefits of a trusted financial adviser.

The Findex family pricing model

Making financial advice more affordable for the next generation to help clear a path to a more secure financial future.

Many younger Aussies are apprehensive about seeking professional wealth advice - with just under half indicating interest in professional financial services. Many believe that financial advice is too expensive or that they don’t have enough assets to justify engaging an adviser.

We designed our Family Pricing Model to help clear these barriers to entry and support the entire family along every stage of their financial journey. Ongoing fees are aggregated based on the family’s total business dealings, not one individual contributor. By consolidating family assets under one roof, younger generations can benefit from lower fees and start forming trusted relationships with advisers early on.

Building a secure financial future starts with empowering the next generation with the professional advice they need now and into the future.

The Findex family pricing model

Connect with a trusted financial adviser who can provide a total wealth management solution uniquely tailored to your family.

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Personalised for your family's unique needs

We seek to understand your family’s individual goals, objectives, needs, and values.

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Over 100+ locations

With offices across Australia, we can service clients from anywhere.

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No hidden costs

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients understand and have full transparency of all costs.

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A total wealth management solution

We provide a comprehensive range of services and advice to help you manage, protect, and grow your wealth.


Navigating financial conversations across generations.

Equip your family with the tools to navigate important financial discussions across generations. From starting conversations at different life stages to leveraging the expertise of financial advisers, this guide is your roadmap to fostering a healthy financial environment within your family.

You’ve worked hard for financial security.

Don’t let the next generation lose it. Invest in your family's financial future today.

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