Our Story, Our Future

We act with integrity and purpose to empower innovative and inclusive communities and to support a thriving environment for generations to come Download the strategy

Our 2,700+ people are the driving force of Findex. Our vision is to build an empowered and engaged workforce that ‘revolutionises wealth and empowers ambition’.

Growing and developing our leaders and enabling our people to live the Findex values helps drive our community impact, building adaptability and agility so we can better respond to the changing world. Driven by passionate people demonstrates our commitment to realising our vision for our workforce, ensuring our people are proud to work at Findex and that new talent seek us out.


Driven by passionate people


Diverse and inclusive workplace

With a focus on diversity and inclusion, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels included, involved and supported in all parts of our workplace. Findex values new voices and ideas to create a meaningful and lasting impact together.

Our vision is to build an empowered and engaged workforce that ‘revolutionises wealth and empowers ambition’, by ensuring our workforce feels included and supported as we grow in diversity, flexibility and unrivaled expertise.

What we are aiming to do:

  • Develop and launch a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy by the end of FY25, consulting with our employees across Australasia in its development.

  • Establish at least one new employee network and a committee to oversee employee networks by the end of FY23.

  • Support an annual event in line with our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy focus areas.

  • Achieve a professional services ‘Loop’ employee survey rating within the top 25% percentile for employee ‘inclusiveness’ by the end of FY27.

  • Ensure majority of applicants for jobs at Findex are aware of our Diversity and Inclusion Policies by the end of FY25.

  • Establish an internal recognition program for employees that have made contributions to Findex’s Sustainability Targets by the end of FY25.


Flexible and healthy workforce

Offering a flexible and healthy workplace helps us deliver efficient and effective services to our clients and ensures our people are able to achieve the optimal work-life culture balance. Our vision is that we provide workplace flexibility and a healthy workplace environment which supports our people to work dynamically while staying healthy and safe.

What we are aiming to do:

  • Findex achieves ISO 45003 certification, the global standard for managing psychological health within the workplace, by the end of FY25.

  • Increasing the engagement in volunteering opportunities in the lead up to FY27 and beyond.


Our people impact

Our people are encouraged to engage with their communities whether that be as members of their local sporting teams, sitting on boards or supporting local community organisations.

Each Findex employee is entitled to one day of volunteer leave per year to use individually or in a team volunteering activity. We respect and protect our team’s human labour rights. Often the charitable impact of our Findex Community Fund extends to volunteering and further supporting the charities that we donate to. We continually strive to attract and retain quality talent and expertise. Our development of inclusion-focused initiatives, such as employee training and volunteering, build greater understanding of social and environmental sustainability and mutual respect.

What we are aiming to do:

  • Ensuring that 100% of new agreements are assessed for Modern Slavery risk.

  • Executives and senior management are committed to completing relevant sustainability training modules.


Sustainable learning and development

Development opportunities and career progression are embodied in our operations. For us, mobility lies at the core of our people strategy to grow and retain talent. It is our commitment to our people to offer new challenges and learning opportunities to help their careers thrive.

We believe in creating an entirely different financial services organisation, and we recognise the importance our people play in achieving this goal. We aspire to develop a team who is knowledgeable about climate change and resilient to its impacts.

  • Executives and senior management lead from the front by undertaking annual climate change training.

  • All employees have access to undertake carbon literacy and climate change training.

  • Aspires to hold an annual climate change webinar to promote client initiatives and Findex's climate change and emissions reduction achievements.