Our Story, Our Future

We act with integrity and purpose to empower innovative and inclusive communities and to support a thriving environment for generations to come Download the strategy

Findex is proud to be a trusted adviser and partner to more than 250,000 clients across Australia and New Zealand. Acting with honesty and integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to meet the highest standards of governance. We focus on excellent customer service, quality and innovation in all we do, prioritising efficiency in service delivery.


Trusted by clients


Product and service quality

Our strategy seeks to obtain recognition for the way we do business, including our products and services, by pursuing best practice certifications. Through our actions we will retain existing clients with excellent products and services while also attracting new ones through our expanded sustainability-aligned advisory and wealth management services. 

What we are aiming to do: 

  • Our commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance has been achieved by a certification that demonstrates best practice across these three areas by the end of FY27.

  • Maintain an annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) of at least 65% through surveying our clients to ensure they are satisfied with our services across key milestones in the client lifecycle.


Business ethics and integrity

Acting with honesty and integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Led by our values, we earn the trust of the clients we serve by doing business with honesty, integrity and efficiency. Our sustainability strategy builds off a foundation of strong ethics that has resulted in over $28 billion in funds under administration and 250,000+ clients across Australia and New Zealand, including 20,000 agribusiness clients demonstrating our commitment to the regions.

Further building on our clients' trust, our strategy continues to drive best practice business ethics and integrity by our people.

What we are aiming to do:

  • In line with our Cultural Refresh Program, 100% of our Executive team, senior management and employees are provided training. Cultural Refresh ethics training is in addition to ethics exams already taken.


Data protection, security and privacy

Keeping our customers' data safe is critical to us. Our actions under this pillar will ensure that our use of technology drives efficient processes and systems across our business, supports excellence in data protection and privacy, and will also drive new security approaches and accreditations.

What we are aiming to do:

  • We will obtain ‘Information Security Management – ISO 27001’ certification, which outlines best practices for organisations in establishing, implementing and continually improving information security management systems.

  • We will ensure 100% of our clients are made aware of our data protection, security and privacy practices and services required by all Findex’s Financial Advisers



Findex is committed to being an accessible financial services organisation. We want to ensure that how we operate and do business, whether digitally or in-person, means our services and experiences are welcoming and impactful to all clients and employees.

  • Develop and implement an Accessibility Plan that is relevant and impactful ensuring our products, services and offices provide a welcoming experience for all.