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The cost of doing nothing when preparing for retirement.

We recently conducted research that shows many Australians have misconceptions about financial advice, which can prevent them from seeking help.

Despite around 80% of respondents believing financial advice could benefit them in retirement, only 30% have sought advice. Could this lack of action potentially be costing Australians millions of dollars in retirement? 

Seeking financial advice to shape your financial future is just good life hygiene, like getting a check-up at the doctors. Don’t let fear or misconceptions stand in the way of retirement planning.

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Australians' confidence and understanding of the financial resources needed for a comfortable retirement.

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The closer Aussies get to retirement age, the less confident they become.

Only 5% of Baby Boomers are very confident they’ll have the financial resources needed for a comfortable retirement, compared to 22% of Millennials.

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One in two don’t believe they have a good understanding of what financial resources they would need.

In contrast, those who sought professional advice for retirement were almost three times as likely to say they have a good understanding of the financial resources required for retirement (77% compared to 26%).

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Women are more likely to rate their understanding as poor compared to men.

Men are more likely than women to believe they have a good understanding of what financial resources are needed for retirement (61% compared to women at 44%).


Retirement planning is an ongoing journey.

The sooner that begins, the more prepared you will be in meeting your future financial needs and goals.


It’s never too early - or too late - to achieve your desired retirement outcomes.

Whether you are years away from retirement or just months away, our expert wealth management advisers can help you prepare every step of the way. We work closely with you to identify your short-term and long-term priorities, so you can ensure that you're tracking toward your ideal retirement timeline and goals.  

Leveraging years of industry knowledge and expertise, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning, superannuation contributions, investment risk and asset management, so you can make strategic financial decisions with confidence.

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Connect with a trusted financial adviser who can provide expert retirement planning services uniquely tailored to you.

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We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients understand and have full transparency of all costs.

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A total wealth management solution

We provide a comprehensive range of services and advice to help you manage, protect, and grow your wealth.

Don’t leave your retirement to chance.

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